Video showcasing 21st century P.E. class features Trikkes

Keeping kids healthy, active and moving. This isn’t your grandfather’s physical education. A video called Designed to Move at Sierra Vista Jr. High contrasts the difference between old school P.E., which was about teaching sports — baseball, basketball, soccer — and new P.E., which is about teaching fitness over skills.

Today’s gym class equipment: heart-rate monitors, rock climbing walls and Trikkes. A blogpost describing the Canyon Country, California school’s P.E. demonstrations for educators and community leaders states the following about the Trikke: “This 3 wheel carving vehicle is a great alternative for students to move and promote fitness.”

Judging by the reaction of the kids in the video, the updated curriculum must be working. One student in the calls it the best P.E. program ever.

Don’t see the video? Click here to view it on YouTube.

Also check out this video, which focuses on the Trikke’s role at Sierra Vista Jr. High School:

Don’t see the video? Click here to view it on YouTube.

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