Wanna Go for a Ride in St Louis, Missouri? Take a Trikke Tour on your next visit there!

Looking for a unique, fun, and hassle-free way to explore St Louis in a different way? Not by foot, car, boat, horse or even a segway? Well then, how about a TRIKKE TOUR with Trikke STL Guided Tours?

Led around city via Trikke, you’ll visit the city’s iconic landmarks such as the St. Louis Arch, Forest Park or Soulard/Lafayette Square areas ( just to name a few) on an innovative three wheeled Electric Trikke Pon-e.

Our exceptional guides instruct you on how to properly operate your Trikke, making sure that you are comfortable and confident in no time!

Then our tour guides will tell you fun facts about each site and is willing to snap a few photos for you along your tour. You will have an amazing time learning facts, while having a blast riding the Trikke. Don’t let it’s looks overwhelm you, the tour on this equipment will be an experience you will definitely enjoy. Our seasonal tours are from the first day of spring in March thru Mid-November. Check us out at trikkeSTL.com


Downtown St. Louis City Tour – “tour da lou”

Whether you have never been to St. Louis or have lived here your whole life, THIS is a great way to see Downtown St. Louis.
So here’s the skinny … This is not your same old walking / bus riding / “are we done yet” tour!
We conduct our tours on Elekktric Trikke carving vehicles, exploring the history, architecture, art and sports entertainment areas of St. Louis.

Hidden Forest Park

Explore THIS world class destination on a Trikke as we carve our way down long scenic bike paths and off-road trails that perhaps you didn’t even know existed in Forest Park. The 1,300 acre park is often called the heart of St. Louis. It is home to the city’s top cultural institutions and plays host to many of the region’s favorite events and pastimes.

Historic Soulard & Lafayette Square Neighborhood Tour

Looking to experience two of St. Louis’s oldest and most charming neighborhoods in a different way? Not by foot, car, bus?
Well then, we have the solution. First start with one of our Elekktric Trikkes. Next add several historical and architectural sites along with fun and interesting facts. Top it all off with a dose of intense sensations and feelings and you’ve got the Trikke STL Historical Soulard & Lafayette Square Neighborhood Tour!

ST Louis region Trails – top 3 offered for 2016 season

From childhood to adulthood, the fun just never stops as we can the explore 170 miles of trails in the STL region with GreatRiversSTL. These are specialty tours and are designed for Families with “fun and funds” in mind.
Pick a trail!

Tower Grove Park – “Pon-e Ride” mini tour

Want to have a Personal Transportation Experience on a Trikke but not interested in a full Tour? Tower Grove Park offers a great place to escape city streets and traffic to enjoy our Demo “Pon-e” Ride option, allowing you to start out with a small commitment of both time and money. We’ll provide you with riding instruction and an opportunity to really try out the vehicle so you can determine if it would work for your lifestyle and needs or motivate you to do one of our full tours.

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